MI training

Kerr Creative has been offering effective and fun (learning should be fun!) training in MI for over 15 years. Learn MI through:

  • workshops
  • presentations
  • coaching
  • coding.

MI writing

Writing is the other thing that Kerr Creative does. It's amazing how much you can use MI to enhance written materials and to develop:

  • client handouts
  • informational materials
  • treatment programs
  • curriculum manuals.
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What's new

COVID Update

Cancellations are listed below - we are being a bit!!?? optimistic that later workshops can be offered, but not likely. As workshops are cancelled, this list will be updated. Workshops are offered through AHVNA (Alberta Home Visitor Network Association) and further information regarding rescheduling, etc. can be found at their website.

See the Workshops page for descriptions and more information. If you want to book a workshop for an organization, please contact us.

Unless otherwise stated, workshops are in Edmonton.

Level 1

Wed. May 6 - Thurs. May 7, Calgary



Wed. May 20 - Thurs. May 21

Info and registration

Level 2

Wed. May 13 - Thurs. May 14



Open workshops are offered through AHVNA (Alberta Home Visitor Network Association). These workshops are open to everyone and a variety of practitioners attend.

Lots of staff?

If you want to get MI training for a larger number of staff, check out onsite training.

  • Onsite training can be customized to your workplace and can be more cost-effective.