Onsite training

Kerr Creative will come to your agency/community to deliver any of our workshops. There are many “good things” about on-site training (“good things” is an MI term):


Content of the training can be customized to fit your work environment - the clients you serve, what challenges staff face, and what you want to get out of the training. When all workshop participants are from the same agency, discussion can focus on agency-specific issues and implementation.

The training is fun and useful—a powerful combination! It can be a great team-building event as staff learn in a supportive and uplifting atmosphere.

Save on training costs

The cost of on-site training is usually less than sending your staff out for workshops. Save money on staff travel expenses.

Some agencies sponsor workshops and then invite other professionals to take the workshop for a fee. In this way, the training can break-even or generate a small profit.


Training can be adapted to your schedule. Workshops can be delivered in differing time blocks—one day per week, 2 days in a row, 4 half-days, etc.

Return on investment

Each workshop will be evaluated by the participants—we can use our evaluation form or yours. Research has found that MI can improve client outcomes, but only when implemented well. When all staff and supervisors in an agency are trained in MI, they can support each other in continuing to use MI and improve their skills. Follow-up training and consultation can help align your agency to the spirit of MI and ensure effective implementation.

Develop in-house expertise

Large organizations that want to implement MI agency-wide may want to develop their own MI trainers and peer coaches. There are several ways to approach this—we'd be happy to discuss options to develop your in-house expertise.